ENERGYS - Antivol pour les transformateurs de puissance - Theft prevention for power transformersENERGYS - Antivol pour les transformateurs de puissance - Theft prevention for power transformers

Theft prevention for power transformers ENERGYS

Theft prevention for power transformers - ENERGYS - EBS

ENERGYS - Theft prevention for power transformers - EBS

Power transformers are at present elements of low failure frequency. According to the statistics, only 2 per 100 devices is damaged within the year. Vandalism and theft are the biggest threat to it. Damages resulting from it are counted in hundreds of thousands USD.
The high quality of power transformers guarantees very rare need to replace it. Although the issue of deliberate damage caused by thieves of nonferrous metal still remains. Theft prevention for transformers offered by EBS shall allow to avoid damages connected with thefts and damages of devices of the whole network. We offer two systems, that are used to protect transformers:
PX200N-2GV and expanded version LX10-3GV.

The Basic function of Energys system is sending data In REAL TIME concerning to the following:
- network or transformer failure (voltage drop, voltage recovery – L1, L2, L3)
- sabotage/theft tests (shock or tilt of transformer, casing opening)



  • Easy to install enables to program, install and replace by the investor employee.
  • Tight casing (IP65), resistant to weather conditions, adopted to be installed to the transformer’s tanks.
  • It is possible to connect 8 sensors for taking measurement or various alarm sources.
  • RS232/RS485 interface allowing to further development of transmitting devices for digital measurement sensors.
  • Regular and often test signals allowing to permanent monitoring of the object.
  • Remote change of settings with GPRS/SMS/CSD allowing to modify the system with no extra costs.
  • Clear and immediate massages sent to any mobile phone number or e-mail address including the localization of the transformer station.
  • Interference resistant in the electromagnetic field in the low voltage network operation close to distribution transformers 15/0,4kV.
  • Surge protection provided by voltage limiters of B+C class (only in LX10-3GV version).
  • Tilt sensor – built-in accelerometer (only in LX10-3GV version).



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