Testifire 1001 Urban Smoke & Heat Detector Test Kit 5m URBAN1001-001

A test kit with the Smoke & Heat detector tester Testifire 1001, Access pole 5 metres and an Urban Backpack - URBAN1001-001 - No Climb
1838,94 €
1838,94 €
Sales price without tax 1838,94 €

URBAN1001-001 - Testifire 1001 Urban Smoke and Heat Detector Test Kit 5 Metres - No Climb

An Urban Smoke and Heat detector test kit, including backpack and access pole for accessing detectors at heights up to 5 metres.

The urban kit is designed for engineers on the go move quickly between sites with compact, industry leading test kits, designed for speed and agility.

All your fire detector test kit, including our new short poles, in a compact backpack. These brand new urban kits make moving around sites or whilst travelling, comfortable and hassle free.

Testifire 1000 Series is the world's first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and multi-stimulus detectors. Both smoke and heat stimuli are created in a single test unit, and delivered individually, or - for the first time - simultaneously; in whichever combination are required.
Testifire does this without using pressurised cans of gas or other hazardous goods. Stimuli (Smoke and Heat) are generated at the time of test using safe and patented processes fuelled by replaceable capsules.


  • Convenient - 50% shorter access poles mean less disruption when testing
  • Quicker movement between and around sites
  • Lightweight - weighs less than 4kg
  • Practical - easily and quickly test all detectors up to 5m reach
  • Mobile - ideal for use on large sites or city working
  • Flexible - includes space for your devices, small tools & accessories

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Solo 611 Urban Backpack including pole bag
  • 1 x Solo 110 4-section Telescopic Pole 1.75m
  • 3 x Solo 111 Urban Extension Poles 0.5m
  • 1 x Testifire 1000-001 Head Unit, inside the 1001-001 box it will also include: 1 x TS3-001 Smoke Capsule, 1 x Solo 770-001 Battery Baton and 1 x Solo 727-001 Multi Voltage Fast Charger




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