Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector 100m FR100R

Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector 50 to 100m range FIRERAY FR100R Fire Fighting Enterprises
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FR100R - Reflective Optical Beam Smoke Detector 50 to 100m range FIRERAY

The FIRERAY 100R conventional infrared optical beam smoke detectors provide economical and effective protection of large, open plan spaces with high ceilings, particularly if access to 'point type' smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.
Optical beam smoke detectors are ideally suited for protecting warehouses, factories, atria, shopping malls, leisure centres, churches,museums, power stations and industrial plants.
The FIRERAY 100R optical beam smoke detectors can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel, or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an addressable interface input module or a zone monitor module.


- Combined transmitter and receiver unit in one discrete unit
- Range 50-100 Metres
- Low current consumption
- Automatic self check drift compensation
- Selectable sensitivity/threshold levels
- Selectable latching / non latching fire alarm
- LED indicators to aid the alignment process
- Optional Low Level Test Unit for UL models only


  • Operating Range : 50 to 100 Metres
  • Operating Voltage Range : 10.2V DC to 30Vdc
  • Quiescent Current :
  • Alarm Current : <15mA
  • Power Down Reset Time : 5 seconds
  • Fire Relay Contacts : Normally Open,VFCO 2A @ 30Volts DC, resistive
  • Fault Relay Contacts : Normally Closed,VFCO 2A @ 30Volts DC, resistive
  • Operating Temperature : -20°C to +55°C (non-condensing)
  • Fire Alarm Thresholds : 1.25dB (25%), 1.87dB (35%), 3.00dB (50%)
  • OpticalWavelength : 880nm
  • Detector Dimensions : Width 126mm, Height 210mm, Depth 120m
  • Prism Dimensions : Width 100mm, Height 100mm, Depth 9.5mm
  • Weight : 0.67 kg
  • LED Indications : Red LED: Indicates FIRE, Continous Amber LED: Indicates FAULT, Flashing Amber LED: Once every 10 seconds indicates normal operating mode (RV Models only), Flashing Amber LED: Once every 2 seconds indicates the compensation function has reached its limit
  • Alarm Condition : Indicated by fire relay closing, Alarm may be latching or non-latching (default)
  • Fault Condition : Indicated by fault relay opening
  • IP Rating : IP50
  • Relative Humidity : RH 0% to 93%, (non-condensing)
  • Approvals/Certification : Designed, manufactured and certified to EN54-12: 2002, Use 25% and 35% (default) thresholds.The 50% threshold is recommended for hostile and extreme environments.
  • CPD Reference : 0786-CPD-20045
  • UL File : S3417
  • Parts List : 1 x Detector Head Assembly, 4 x prism, 1 x Test Filter, 1 x Cable Interface
  • Housing Construction : Flame Retardant ABS, Finish: Grey / Black


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