Cheap and Effective Monitoring of Objects With No Power Supply ATDOOR

Cheap and Effective Monitoring of Objects Without Power Supply - AT DOOR - EBS

AT DOOR - Cheap and Effective Monitoring of Objects With No Power Supply - EBS

AT DOOR is a system designed to protect facilities such as storages, empty buildings, private houses, buildings under construction, real estate debt over which the custody of a bank or simply unsold properties that are exposed to the “squatters”.
AT DOOR sends twice a day test reports describing the state of the battery and the whole system. Communication takes place via GPRS or SMS. The device is easy to configure, supported by web application ActiveView, provided by EBS.
Our device is connected to external sensor - magnetic contact, it reports:
- Entrance to the facility
- Attempts to destroy the device (built-in accelerometer,
- a reaction to the shock over 3G)
- Opening of the housing


AT Secure Door is designed for bank institutions, developers, and private users to protect:

  • Cottage houses
  • Vacant facilities
  • Abandoned houses
  • Storages
  • other facilities


  • operation in GPRS / SMS mode
  • cooperation with the monitoring system OSM2007
  • reaction to door opening through external magnetic sensor
  • reporting unauthorised opening of the housing
  • reaction to shock over 3G
  • GPRS signals / test SMSs sent 2 times a day
  • lithium-polymer battery pack allows the device to work up to 6 months (after discharge, the batteries can be replaced or recharged)
  • built-in battery charger
  • built-in accelerometer
  • special firmware version with a sleep mode / energy saving function
  • integrated GSM antenna
  • additional overvoltage protection

 AT DOOR device is adapted to easy embedding additional GPS antenna.


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