Battery Powered Heat Alarm XH100

Battery Powered Heat Alarm XH100 - Honeywell

XH100 - Battery Powered Heat Alarm - Honeywell

X-Series High Reliability
• Multi-criteria detection: Intelligent algorithm combines optical and heat detection for increased detection speed across a broad range of fires, producing less false alarms (XS100T)
• Optical detection: Accurate and rapid detection of fires using responsive optical sensors (XS100)
• Heat detection: Combines fast response time and minimum false alarms in areas with high levels of dust or fumes likes kitchens (XH100)
• BSi to BS EN 14604:2005/AC:2008 Part 2 United Kingdom (XH100)
• Q Label - an independent quality mark for high-quality smoke alarm detectors, which have been tested especially for long-term use
• Sealed housing to protect from adverse environmental conditions
• Automatic self-checks
• Dirt Compensation

• Sealed in battery lasts for ten years
• Self-locking mounting plate. X-Series can only be removed with an appropriate tool
• On/off only by installing/removing from mounting plate

Designed for residential environments
• Unobtrusive, low profile design
• Integrates well into residential environment

Low total cost of ownership
• Ten year warranty
• Maintenance free – no parts to change

Easy to operate and use by the end-user
• Clearly visible status indication LEDs: Power, Alarm, Fault
• Loud 85dB audible alarm , with reduced volume test mode
• Large button – can be pressed with a broom stick
• Alarm hush
• Fault hush
• Clean, intuitive user interface

Easy to install
• One or two hole installation/flexible hole positions
• Switches on when slid onto mounting plate

Complete solution
All X-Series alarms can be interconnected wirelessly for increased safety by using the wireless plug-in module XW100. Honeywell’s X-Series alarms are available as a complete range of fire and Carbon Monoxide solutions for customers looking for advanced safety systems.


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