VLS100 - Sirène adressable 100dB faible consommation, Addressable Wall Sounder VEGAVLS100 - Sirène adressable 100dB faible consommation, Addressable Wall Sounder VEGA

Addressable Wall Sounder VEGA

Addressable Wall Sounder, High power availability from loop VLS100 VEGA Argus Security

VLS100 - Addressable Wall Sounder VEGA

Wall mounted Vega analogue device designed around a fully digital protocol.
Compact design, lockable base. Key supplied.
Synchronized start. Versatile UK & European fire tones.
The device provides a wide-angle uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions.
Low power consumption. Suitable for multistage alarm application.
Double back entry for simplified installation.
Available in red or white.


- Designed to meet the requirements of EN54-3
- High reliability and error detection
- Built-in bidirectional isolator
- Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
- Auto addressing capability (control panel feature) or manually via VPU100 programmer
- OEM password protection
- High power availability from loop (>98%)
- Digital checking of double address
- Line quality information


  • Power Supply : 15-40 V
  • Current Consumption : 5mA
  • Operating Temperature : Range -30°C / +70°C
  • Humidity (non condensing) : 95% RH
  • Dimension : 106 x 106 x 91 mm


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