Relay Base AURORA with Resistor 470R

12/24V Relay Base with 470R Resistor for AURORA Detector BLR100 Argus Security

BLR100 - 12/24V Relay Base with 470R Resistor for AURORA Detector Argus Security

The BLR100 relay base has been designed to act as an easy interface between security type panels or fire alarm panels and conventional Aurora detectors that require a switch to activate an external ancillary device.
All terminal connectors (line and relay) are part of the base.
The relay is controlled directly by the detector and, therefore, as soon as the detector is latched into alarm, so it will the base.
The alarm condition can only be reset by removing the power supply from the detector and base altogether.
Conventional line wiring terminals are screw-clamp type and can host wire sizes from 16 to 30 AVG.
The base is designed with a locking mechanism meant to physically prevent the unauthorised removal of the detector from its base; this mechanism can be setup by the installer during system's installation on site.
The relay base circuit is located under the base terminals and is properly protected by a removable cover.
A terminal block allowing the access to the relay terminals is located on the PCB; its terminals are screw-clamp type and can host wire sizes from 14 to 22 AVG.


- Relay command selectable 12V or 24V
- Secure and reliable cable termination
- The base does not provide line continuity during detector removal
- Useful for hybrid installation (fire, security) or to sent command to a special device (Electromagnet, switch, etc.)


  • Diameter : 110 mm
  • Height : 27 mm
  • Weight : 100 gr.
  • Operating temperature range : -5°C / +50°C
  • Humidity : 5 to 95% RH (no condensation)
  • Resistor : 470 ohms
  • Output relay contacts : 1 Normaly Close, 2 Common, 3 Normally Open
  • Mounting : With two screw on the ceilling or on suitable box
  • Systeme Supply Voltage : 24VDC Fire Panel, 12VDC Security Panel
  • Stand by current : 1.5uA @12Vdc (Detector's current absorption is not included)
  • Stand by current : 3uA @24Vdc (Detector's current absorption is not included)
  • Alarm current : 14 mA @12Vdc (Detector's current absorption is not included)
  • Alarm current : 17 mA @24Vdc (Detector's current absorption is not included)
  • Relay contact volatge rating : 30VDC
  • Relay contact current rating : 1A
  • Relay contact activation time : 10 ms (From detector's latch)
  • Relay contact release time : 10 ms (From detector's reset)
  • Relay contact resistance : 100 m ohms
  • Relay terminal block wire gauge : 1.5 mm
  • IP rating : 43


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