FI700/WM/MT/SOUR – Loop Powered Sounder with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY Red Loop Sounder FI700WMMTSOURFI700/WM/MT/SOUR – Loop Powered Sounder with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY Red Loop Sounder FI700WMMTSOUR

Red Loop Sounder FI700WMMTSOUR

Red Loop powered sounder with LST/700 protocol Argus Security

FI700/WM/MT/SOUR - Loop Powered Sounder with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY

The red Loop Sounder FI700/WM/MT/SOUR is powered and actuated via the ADM loop with Labor Strauss/700 protocol. The sounders can be activated by a Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC216 with one of the following three tone types, depending on the parameter setup and the system condition:
- Slow Whoop tone according to NEN 2575,
- DIN tone according to DIN 33404,
- Continuous tone 990Hz.
If several sounders are activated at the same time, they are synchronised by the control panel, in order to generate a uniform warning tone. The sound level can be easily adjusted by means of a potentiometer.
The address of the sounders is set in the range 1 to 240 by means of the Programming Unit FI700/PU. Alternatively, the sounder can be addressed automatically if it is connected to a compatible fi re detection control panel.
An integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop in case of a short circuit. In this way, the undisturbed communication with the loop elements outside the faulty loop section is ensured.
The robust plastic case is equipped with a deep mounting base and is designed for indoor wall mounting.


- ADM loop technology with Labor Strauss/700 protocol
- Can be activated with three different tone types
- Sound level adjustable
- Optionally with protection class IP66
- Low power consumption
- Integrated dual-isolator


  • Operating voltage : Supply through loop voltage
  • Current consumption from loop : typ. 70uA (sounder off), max. 11mA (sounder on)
  • Sound level : 100dB(A) at 1m distance
  • Tone type 1 : Slow Whoop tone (NEN 2575; 500 - 1200Hz over 3.5s, 0.5s pause)
  • Tone type 2 : DIN tone (DIN 33404; 1200 - 500Hz over 1s)
  • Tone type 3 : continuous tone 990Hz
  • Ambient temperature : -10°C to +55°C
  • Protection class : IP21
  • Dimensions W x H x D : 108 x 108 x 95 (mm)
  • Weight : 255g
  • Approvals : VdS G209211, 0832-CPD-1064


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