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24 Zones Fire Control Panel K3000 K3024005

24 zones Conventional Fire Detection Alarm System Panel K3000 series with 5.25 Amp PSU K3024005 Kentec
997,50 €
997,50 €
Sales price without tax 997,50 €

K3024005 - 24 Zones 5.25A PSU Conventional Fire Detection Alarm Panel K3000 series Kentec

The K3000 Series exceeds the requirements of BS5839: Part 4: 1988 in several areas. Inclusion of zone isolate, zonal one man test, zonal contacts, shop unit interface and zoned or two stage alarm outputs are all standard features.

A wide range of detectors are supported by the equipment, ensuring that the K3000 Series control panels can be used with existing installations without the need to change the field devices. Front panel controls and indicators are kept to a minimum to simplify user operation and to maintain clarity of indication. High intensity, twin bar LED indicators are used on all front panels. All panels are supplied with suitable power supply and generous battery space to give extended battery standby if required.

Ample cable entries and removable chassis assist in ease of installation. All panels are available as surface mounting and in two tone grey or cream and brown.

Other colours are available to special order. Arrangements can be made for special badging or special finishes such as brass or stainless steel.

K3000 Series control panels allow continued operation of call points and detectors upon removal of a device from the detection line. This can be achieved either by fitting an active end of line device or by using special line clamping bases.